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Have you ever thought of moving to a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), but don’t know if you’re ready? Take this short quiz – it just might be the right move for you.

You want to live a worry-free lifestyle without the headaches of maintaining a home. You may love your home, your yard – even your neighbors. But you don’t love the yard work, roof repairs, plumbing problems and other aspects of running a home. At CCRCs such as La Costa Glen in Carlsbad, Calif., all your home maintenance needs are handled. Plus, you enjoy 24-hour security so you can lock up your home and know everything will be safe while you go away for a few days.

You want to enjoy tasty, well-prepared food every day with lots of variety. The best part is you don’t have to cook it yourself or clean up afterward.

You want to stay active through special events, lectures, excursions, clubs and other activities. Even your favorite TV shows get boring after a while! You can try your hand at a new activity or indulge in a favorite pastime. Participate in as many – or as few – activities as you like.

You want to stay fit and healthy but it’s hard to maintain a fitness routine. Most continuing care retirement communities put a premium on wellness and offer an array of fitness activities to help residents stay active and healthy. What’s your favorite exercise? Zumba, line dancing, water aerobics, balance or stretching classes? How about tennis, Nordic walking, short-game golf or bocce? La Costa Glen has all this and much more.

You’d like the security and peace of mind knowing that your long-term health care will be provided for, if you should ever need it. La Costa Glen includes assisted living, memory care and long-term nursing care as part of the program. Many residents say making the crucial decisions themselves about their long-term health care needs was the best gift they ever gave their children.

Have any of these thoughts ever crossed your mind? If so, you might be ready for a continuing care retirement community. To explore this option in more detail, please visit

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Posted on October 2, 2014 in Housing

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